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When I am a day off and wanna do some homecleaning, I put my baby outside in the cold for her nap. Most Scandinavian parents find it absolutly normal. It’s a daily routine.

In Scandinavia, daytime temperatures in the winter is cold. That’s why we non-Scandinavians find it weird to see children left outside by their parents for a sleep in the pram, but nowdays I am use to it.

I take a nice cup of latte at Baresso (it’s like Star Bucks but Danisch version), take a deep breath, take a sip. Watching my baby through the window, sleeping 😉

And when I visiting my friends and little Tilly needs a nap, I just put her outside in the garden for a nap, or using my friend’s balcony.

My mother in law always told me, it’s good for the babies to have fresh air while sleeping. First I had scenario’s that my kid get cold or fever, but Tilly is totally fine.

In daycare they put Tilly also outside for a nap. Everyone get their own pram. The daycare suggest that. It’s good that they sleep outside. It’s healthier being outside. Especially when there’s many children at the daycare, less chance that they infect each other with diffrent kind of diseases they could have.


It’s never too late, and all you can do is try. Don’t give up and keep trying and reach out to the group on facebook plagiocephaly and get your support here! Together we are stronger! Follow your intuition. Mathilde is 8.5 months and received a helmet from Starband. She really looks adorable! Stay tuned if it’s really works! ❤

Everything should be as cheap as possible! I think it’s a shame to give than is strictly necessary. More money on things if it can be cheaper, why not? I buy buy deodorant and toothpaste alone with discount. At least once a month, this kind of products marked down. I love everything close watch over the internet. I focused on search websites. When I received junk mail, I bought many things I did not need.
I dislike folders, I got my app so I can see what’s on discount. Actually, everyone should be as an opponent of advertising material and receive them only if they appreciate it. That’s why I have a NO / NO sticker, for advertising and mail. Saves a lot of felling of trees.
Together with my fiance I hoard like crazy at a local supermarket. “We make a real sport. I try to get as possible. Discounts A cart of groceries for 40 instead of 80. That gives me a kick. I buy bread and freezes then. Even meat I often buy at a discount, for example, six steaks. Generally I buy at cheap supermarkets. Stuff stores them in her big freezer or pantry.

I save on groceries, but not on baby supplies or a gift for my daughter. Just because I let the little ones, can I afford this kind of spending. Food I will also throw away sin. My friends know that. They do food neatly in a box when I get there. I am not ashamed of anything. It is a fun sport and I’m honest about it.
Even though I have a job where I could earn a lot of money, there’s no reason to strike with bargain hunting. It’s just the principle. I just do not want to pay more if it can be done for less. My parents did so despite the fact that they had enough money.

The Pandan Cake

Pandan chiffon cake recipe
 paandan Pandan_Chiffon

 4 eggs (2,- USD)
• 250 grams of pandan chiffon mix (3,- USD)
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 100 grams of sugar
• 150 gram dried coconut
 250 gram cream butter (2,- USD)
1 pack vanilla sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt

Preheat the oven to 160 ° C.
Sift the pandan Chiffon Mix, cornstarch and baking powder in a bowl. Set aside.
Whisk egg yolks and sugar until fluffy. Whisk the other ingredients it (dried coconut, Vanilla, salt).
Sift the flour part by part over the egg yolk mixture and fold through.
Beat the egg whites with the tartaric acid in a clean, grease-free bowl, until the foam is firmer. Then add little by little sugar and continue beating until the egg whites are stiff.
Fold the flour into the egg yolk mixture. Keep it light
Spatula quiet until the batter is no dabs the rest through white protein has more.
Pour batter into the baking pan (do not grease) and bake.
Turn off the oven when the cake is golden brown in 40-50 minutes.
Some cooks have problems with the collapse of chiffon cake. Try the following: some to the cake still in the cooling oven for 10 minutes after cooking, so the cake does not collapse. And another method is to take the cake immediately after baking in the oven and turn around. Get out of shape once cooled.

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